…in the studio

February 6, 2014

Back in the studio working on a score for our next piece Рa guitar lesson. Buried our noses in random goodness of tablature for the six-string slingers and art historical nerdiness of the Fluxus Performance Workbook.

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Shout out to our DREAMS

December 31, 2013

Matt’s band “Dream the Electric Sleep” is releasing their new record. Check it out!

As one friendly curatorial force put it. “This lends authenticity to the project” :) Meaning some of us actually play rock n’roll.

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Creative Act (studio test)

Bit of a hiatus in terms of posting but we’ve been quite busy.
Finally worked out and tested the electronics for the “Creative Act” and got out own lathe-cut record made! Woohoo!

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Axis 1969

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to start things off

May 31, 2011

doing a bit of housekeeping on this new site. Love the skeletons for a bit. Will probably hack on them and turn them into something even more pomo. for now please check out the ABOUT section. More info and even some videos and such coming soon.

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